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Races Inspired By Hollywood

Awards season is in full swing — with the Golden Globes behind us and the Oscars still to come, what better time to recognize running events that pay tribute to the big and small screens? Grab your popcorn and join us as we say “Hooray for Hollywood” with our rundown of movie- and TV-themed races. […]

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Toughest Road Marathons in North America

Looking for an easy first-time marathon or speedy Boston Qualifier? You’re in the wrong place! As if running 26.2 miles weren’t challenging enough, here we spotlight the toughest road (paved or unpaved) marathons in North America. With high altitude, brutal hills and extreme weather, these 13 races take perverse pleasure in extracting as much blood, […]

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Unconventional Races that dare to be different

Picture race day in your mind, and a predictable image emerges: start and finish lines + road lined with cheering spectators + runners competing to be the first across the finish. It’s a tried-and-true formula as old as racing itself. And yet a growing number of race organizers are rethinking this formula to add their […]

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6 Racecation destinations for U.S. history buffs

By guest author Heather Miller, Founder, Runfari Though the concept of running while on vacation may not win the popular vote, “We the People” know racecations are a front-runner for future generations of active vacationers. For those who like to throw a little history into the mix, we’ve outlined six racecation destinations that work the […]

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10 Presidential Races of the U.S. (PROTUS)

(Photo: Let Teddy Win) For most Americans, the “Presidential race” isn’t measured in miles and a “running mate” isn’t someone who shares your fitness goals. Nonetheless, a number of running events from 5K to 50 miles embrace our nation’s history by featuring and celebrating its past leaders. As the country commemorates Presidents’ Day, we spotlight […]

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Running events on race tracks

Indianapolis Motor Speedway during the Indy Mini

To most Americans, the word “racing” conjures up images of sleek roadsters and sleeker thoroughbreds. In fact, two of the nation’s most popular and prestigious races take place this month in the equine-powered Kentucky Derby and the turbine-powered Indianapolis 500. With that in mind and the latter coming up this weekend, here we feature nine […]

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