If I’m free, it’s because I’m always running.
– Jimi Hendrix

About RaceRaves

Our goal at RaceRaves is to fill a clear void in the running universe; namely the lack of a go-to online community dedicated to races and the race experience.

From 5Ks to ultramarathons, and with new events popping up like Whac-A-Moles, we created RaceRaves as a trusted resource for sharing honest opinions and for leveraging the collective wisdom of previous finishers. An appreciative place where you can pay it forward, to other runners as well as race directors who rely on your thoughtful feedback to improve their events.

On RaceRaves you can:

  • find, research & share thousands of running events around the world
  • rate & review races you’ve run (including your own performance, be honest!)
  • organize your personal dashboard of past & future races on My Staging Area
  • visualize your racing progress on your “smart” 50 States Map
  • connect with and follow other runners in the RaceRaves community

If you’ve ever pinned on a racing bib, welcome to the family! RaceRaves strives to be a vibrant community where all runners – road warriors, trail enthusiasts, triathletes, newbies, seasoned veterans, maximalism aficionados, barefoot loyalists and competitors of all sorts – can come together to discover their next race adventure and connect with other passionate (some might say obsessive!) athletes.

We’re excited about our little corner of the Internet, so jump in feet first and let us know what’s working, and what we can do better. And if you like us, please tell others! We’re continually upgrading and improving the site based on your feedback, so don’t be shy about offering your two cents.

Share. Connect. Inspire. Run the world. We can’t wait to hear about it!


About Us

Mike Sohaskey, co-founder of RaceRavesMike Sohaskey – Co-founder, Chief Racing Officer
molecular biologist. running guy. Celtics fan.

RaceRaves is a natural extension of my 1) running nerd-itude, 2) motivation to unite a fervent yet fragmented online racing community, and 3) desire to encourage other runners (and non-runners) to step outside their comfort zone and literally run the world.

Like many runners, I’ve set a goal to run at least one marathon or ultramarathon in all 50 states, on all seven continents and in as many countries as possible. So far my racing travels have taken me from Alabama to Zimbabwe, with plenty of gaps still to be filled.

Whether it’s striding alongside penguins near the South Pole, planning the next family vacation around a destination event or searching for a race in the next town over, running provides a built-in opportunity to get out and see the world from a unique perspective. Few activities empower and bring people together like running, and if RaceRaves can facilitate those connections in some small (or large) way, I’d be psyched.

In essence I’ve swapped one passion (science) for another (running). I earned my PhD in Cancer Biology at Stanford, before moving on to research the mysteries of the developing skeleton – bones, cartilage & joints! – at rival UC Berkeley. As it turns out, “scientist” and “entrepreneur” demand very similar mindsets and skill sets.

Now that we call the Los Angeles Westside home, you’ll find me running the beachside path from Pacific Palisades to Palos Verdes, or one of the many excellent trail systems in Southern California. Gettin’ swoll on Muscle Beach? Not so much.

You can follow my personal running addiction on my blog at Blisters, Cramps & Heaves and on Ultrarunning.com.

Katie Ho – Co-founder, Chief Raving Officer
marketing gal. numbers nerd. Lakers fan.

Though I’ve always self-identified as a jock (basketball being my sport of choice), I only became a runner reluctantly. Having relied on a torn ACL from high school and a mythical “note from my doctor” as a pretext not to run, I finally laced ’em up and took the plunge several years ago. Now I fully enjoy running along the beach and the easy excuse that races provide to travel. Most of all, I appreciate the tight-knit camaraderie among runners, the combination of individual commitment and collective passion that fuels and unites the running community.

After graduating from Stanford (that’s “Cardinal” the color, not the bird), I’m now a marketing executive focused on companies at the intersection of media & technology. Along the way I honed my skills at Disney, TiVo and Shutterfly as well as with the American Basketball League, a professional women’s league (and my first startup!). These days, as an independent consultant I provide marketing know-how to early-stage consumer internet and mobile app companies.

No doubt, building RaceRaves with Mike has been one of the most rewarding adventures of my personal and professional life. And I still play a mean game of H-O-R-S-E.

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