Founded in 2014, is the leading online race finder and reviews community for runners and endurance athletes of all levels to share their experiences and find their next challenge. With so many races to choose from and so little time, we strive to be the running community’s most trusted resource for all things racing.

Why RaceRaves?

  • SMART: Intuitive search features help runners easily find their next favorite race, while our exclusive 50 States Map lets them track and visualize their racing progress.
  • TRUSTED: Our transparent finisher reviews cover all 50 states and 85+ countries.
  • CREATIVE: We produce popular initiatives like our annual March Lunacy tournament, which pits 64 of the nation’s top races against each other for the title of “America’s Rave Race.” 
  • AUTHENTIC: Our #1 priority is to help our RaceRaves community find the best races and to make their racing lives better. So we only endorse events, products and services that directly support that mission.

How RaceRaves Can Help

Capture strong word of mouth

Let’s be honest: reviews matter. From where we eat, to what we watch, to where we stay, reviews on third-party websites often have an outsized influence on our decisions as consumers. So why should races be any different? With so many events vying for their discretionary dollar, runners increasingly want to know whether a given event will meet or exceed their expectations.

As a race organizer, encouraging finisher reviews on a trusted platform like RaceRaves is your chance to let your runners do your work for you. It’s hard-earned kudos for a job well done. It’s free advertising from your best evangelists. And the most successful race organizers, those whose events live up to their potential, are the ones who embrace finisher feedback as a source of inspiration, not consternation.

We’ve worked with dozens of race organizers across North America to encourage their finishers to spread the word and share their race experiences on RaceRaves. Because as long as you’re doing your job well, the more runners learn about your race, the more likely they are to run your race. And in today’s saturated marketplace of events, strong word of mouth is key.

Amplify your vision to an engaged audience

The message is loud and clear: our fast-growing community of “Raving Lunatics” wants to hear from great brands and events that will make their racing lives better. We work hard to build and maintain trust with an authentic, consistent voice, and by only promoting brands and events that are a strong fit with our audience. If email engagement rates and site metrics are any indication, we’re on the right track.

Develop breakthrough content

Tired of generic marketing emails? Is your message drowning in the static of social media? We develop creative, compelling content with a distinctive voice that highlights the unique appeal of your brand or event. We want our audience to be as excited about our partners as we are!

With tens of thousands of reviews on RaceRaves, and as runners ourselves, we understand what runners want — and while this isn’t rocket science, it is important to be able to talk to runners in a language that transcends price increases and promo codes. And how’s this for a breakthrough: no one will speak to the strengths of your brand or event better than we will.

To get a sense for our content and voice, check out our blog and e-newsletter archive (and don’t forget to subscribe!).

Let’s Work Together!

If encouraging finisher reviews or creatively promoting your brand/event to an engaged audience of passionate runners sounds like something that may interest you, drop us a line — we’d love to hear from you!

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