7-layer-GUrrito on RaceRaves
IRVINE, CA – Taco Bell today announced its new lineup of fast-food options aimed at runners & endurance athletes, who along with college students and gastro-masochists make up the company’s most coveted demographic.

The announcement of its new “CarboLoad” menu follows the company’s recent debut of a lower-calorie Fresco menu, a vegetarian menu certified by the American Vegetarian Association and a HealthFree menu endorsed by the American Lard Lovers Association.

Riffing off traditional favorites, the new menu will feature high-carbohydrate, no-protein options such as the 7-Layer GUrrito, which includes five different flavors of GU Energy Gels plus two layers of GU Energy Chews, to “enhance texture & mouthfeel”. The 7-Layer GUrrito will be priced at $2.99, with a Roctane upgrade available for an additional $0.79.

And the company has big plans to expand its lineup in the future. Clifalupa_RaceRaves“Building on the success of our Doritos Locos Tacos offering, we plan to introduce a series of ‘CLIF-alupa’ Tacos made from popular CLIF Bar flavors,” said Taco Bell spokesperson Terry Egenhauser. “Our Zesty Sierra Trail Mix Taco and Cool Mint Chocolate Taco will give your taste buds 26.2 reasons to celebrate. And anyone fighting low blood sugar and sleep deprivation will appreciate our invigorating Peanut Toffee Buzz Taco Supreme”.

Egenhauser continued: “As an originator of the ‘I can’t get to real food right now, so I’ll eat this instead’ concept over 50 years ago, Taco Bell is thrilled to partner with recent innovators in the space to create affordable options that cater specifically to the runner’s palate.”

To complement its CarboLoad menu lineup, the fast-food chain will also offer a race-day favorite in its soda fountains: inconsistently prepared Gatorade, with the exact dilution and flavor varying by location.

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