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50 States Map (in progress) for RaceRaves member @DrewNYC

It’s a natural combination: many runners love to travel, and many travelers love to run. Maybe you’re a casual runner who occasionally races outside your home state. Or a resourceful athlete who plans family vacations around destination races. Or even the ambitious wanderlust type (like us) whose goal is to run a race in all 50 United States.

Whatever your inspiration and wherever it takes you, there’s never been a smart and intuitive online tool to visualize your racing progress — until now.

Introducing the RaceRaves 50 States Map. Found on each member’s Staging Area (profile) page, your personal 50 States Map:

  • Automatically colors in each US state by distance — half marathon, marathon, ultra or other — based on your Past Races table
  • Tracks combinations for states in which you’ve run more than one distance, e.g. (Marathon &/or Ultra) + Half; Marathon + Ultra
  • Lets you easily share your racing travels with Facebook friends

Want a “running” tally of your race counts for each distance? No problem! Counts for US races are shown in the map legend, while counts for non-US races and countries are shown below the legend.

Pro Tip: For races that start in one state and finish in another, you can change the state for a particular race (e.g. change the Hatfield McCoy Marathon from KY to WV) by editing the race location. Just click the pencil icon next to the race entry in your Past Races table and make the necessary change(s). Voilà!

Our 50 States Map was designed with runners in mind — no more generic travel apps or unwieldy, multi-layered Photoshop files. So start filling in your map now by adding past races to your Staging Area page, and color your running friends jealous! (Can’t find one of your past races on the site? We’re happy to add it.)

For inspiration and to help you get started, here are a few RaceRaves member profiles from across the country:

Polly Hoover (IN)
Tim Mullican (SD)
Donn Raymond (OR)
Keith Roberts (IL)
Meg Sauve (VA)
Drew Sheppard (NY)
Mike Sohaskey (CA)

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