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Running may be a simple sport, but life is unpredictable — so it’s important to be safe.

Nine safety tips for runners

Here are nine smart tips from ROAD iD ambassador Harvey Lewis to ensure that you have fun, stay safe, and remain healthy on every run.

1. Run facing traffic. This will give you more time to see and react to vehicles. One exception: blind curves with no shoulder. In such cases, cross and run with traffic until you can safely return to the other side of the road.

2. Obey traffic signage. Pause at intersections, stop for traffic lights. And stay alert — in case a driver doesn’t.

3. Follow off-road rules. Follow posted rules at tracks, paths, and rail-trails. Two key examples: Unless otherwise posted, run counter-clockwise on the track and stay to the right on trails.

4. Choose low-volume streets. Cars coming out of parking lots and crowded streets interrupt your rhythm and increase your chance of a collision. Opt for low-traffic alternatives.

5. Be polite. Yield to fast-moving or aggressive cars; acknowledge the nice drivers who wave you through a stop sign. If you pass slower runners or walkers, say hello, and wave to other runners. You’re part of a community.

6. Be safe. Wear lights or reflective gear at night or in low light. Carry proper ID, like ROAD iD. Don’t wear headphones. Tell someone where you’re planning to go or consider a tracking app (like the ROAD iD app), which allows loved ones to know where you are.

7. Heads up. Keep your chin up and eyes pointed down the road/trail. It helps you see potholes or rocks, and it will convey to drivers that you’re paying attention.

8. Replace shoes regularly. Typically, running shoes become worn out after you’ve put 300-500 miles on them. If your shoes no longer feel like they’re protecting you, they’re probably not. Write the date you bought your shoes inside the tongue as a helpful reminder of how old they are.

9. Increase mileage gradually. To avoid an overuse injury, resist the urge to pick up your training too fast. Follow the time-honored rule of thumb: Don’t raise your weekly mileage, or time spent running, by more than 10 percent over the previous week.

Keeping safe on every run

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