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Let’s talk marathons! From the most scenic to the most first-timer friendly to the best BQ options and much more, RaceRaves co-founder Mike Sohaskey sits down with our friends at Another Mother Runner for the recent Marathon Edition of the AMR Trains Podcast.
Mapping out your racing schedule for 2023 and beyond? Looking for the best options to run your first marathon or your next Boston Qualifier? Curious what to do when an elephant joins you at mile 14? This conversation is the perfect place to start. 🎧
Give it a listen, and let us know your personal favorites!

Author: Mike Sohaskey

Mike Sohaskey, Co-founder of RaceRaves

Mike Sohaskey is the co-founder of RaceRaves, the premier online reviews community for runners to share their race experiences and find their next challenge. Mike honed his creative and critical thinking skills as a research scientist, earning a Ph.D. in Cancer Biology from Stanford. He’s also completed over 100 races — including 50+ marathons and ultras — in locations ranging from Antarctica to Zimbabwe.


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