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Whether you’re a college basketball junkie or have no idea what NCAA stands for, your March is about to get crazy — and that’s a good thing!

The second annual RaceRaves March Lunacy tournament launches in just five days. Our race-centric take on Bracketology, March Lunacy features 64 of the country’s top races — road and trail, 5K to ultramarathon and everything in between — all competing for the coveted title of “America’s Rave Race.” And YOUR votes decide which races survive and advance.

So while our selection committee finalizes this year’s bracket from deep within its secret underground location, it’s never too early to plan your voting strategy:

  • Top seeds or underdogs?
  • Home town or college town?
  • Does size (or distance) matter?
  • Best logo or coolest name?
For each of the tournament’s four rounds, we’ll provide color commentary to inform your voting and help you discover hidden gems for your own race schedule. And we’ll have some sweet prizes to be won along the way.

So save the date and spread the word — the madness starts Monday, March 12!

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