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Our fifth annual March Lunacy tournament offered much more than one shining moment, as for the first time our focus shifted to identifying America’s Favorite Half Marathon!

This year’s Final Four featured a compelling combo of perennial contenders and fierce first-timers. In one semifinal Ohio’s porcine powerhouse, the Flying Pig Paycor Half, overpowered Appalachian sensation the Great Smoky Mountains Half while in the other matchup the latter’s National Parks sibling, the Glacier Half, put the red-hot Covered Bridges Half on ice.

But when the final buzzer sow-nded, one contender left all others pink with envy, hamstringing opponents and hogging the spotlight on the strength of its pork-ticularly passionate supporters. So we’re excited to congratulate our champion and announce that America’s Favorite Half Marathon for 2022 is the Cincinnati Flying Pig Paycor Half! (Read the press release for more color commentary.)

Virtual hugs and high-fives to all 64 races that participated and to everyone who voted in this year’s tournament; we couldn’t do this without your love and support. And we hope this year’s tournament provided a much-needed nod to normalcy after two challenging years.

Thanks for being part of the madness that is March Lunacy! 💙🧡

(Tournament seedings were based largely on the number of 2019/2021 finishers as well as RaceRaves ratings & reviews, with our 2020 champion The Cowtown earning the #1 overall seed.)

👉 And check out tournament results from previous years.

An email address is required to ensure only one entry per person per round. Only legitimate email addresses will have their votes counted and be entered in the giveaway. By submitting your email address you agree to receive periodic emails (including our bi-monthly Featured Races & “Off to the Races” newsletters) from RaceRaves and only RaceRaves — you can unsubscribe at any time, and we’ll never share your info with anyone. We want you all to ourselves!

Tiebreaker rules: At the conclusion of each round of voting, if for any matchup the difference between the two competing races is equal to 0.5% or less of the total votes, then a one-day overtime period will take place immediately, starting at midnight PDT and ending at 8pm EDT. Should a tiebreaker again be needed at the end of that day’s overtime voting, a winner will be determined based on the aggregated votes of 1% of entries (rounded up to an odd number, if necessary) selected at random from the total pool of entries.

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