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Race Distance Location Date Result
Half Marathon Orting, WA Apr 2, 2022 2:41:15

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Race Distance Location Date Paid
Half Marathon Moab, UT TBD
25K Concrete, WA TBD
Half Marathon St Charles, ID TBD
Half Marathon Laketown, UT TBD
Half Marathon Cokeville, WY TBD
Half Marathon Bryce Canyon, UT TBD
Half Marathon Boise, ID TBD
Half Marathon North Bend, WA TBD
Half Marathon Page, AZ TBD
Half Marathon Leavenworth, WA TBD
Half Marathon Idaho Falls, ID TBD
Half Marathon Puyallup, WA TBD
Half Marathon Carnation, WA TBD
Half Marathon Carnation, WA TBD
Half Marathon St. George, UT TBD
Half Marathon Springdale, UT TBD
Half Marathon Apple Valley, UT TBD

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Race Distance Location Date Result My Raves My Performance
Half Marathon West Yellowstone, MT Jun 11, 2022 3:02:34
Half Marathon Wilson, WY Jun 4, 2022 3:01:48
Half Marathon Orting, WA Apr 2, 2022 2:41:15
Half Marathon Snoqualmie Pass, WA Sep 19, 2021 3:01:25
Half Marathon Ashford, WA Jul 17, 2021 3:10:44
Half Marathon Nassau, Bahamas Jan 17, 2016 3:18:06
Half Marathon Tacoma, WA Dec 12, 2015 2:50:39
Half Marathon Orting, WA Apr 5, 2015 3:25:00

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This was the final race for the Grand Quad race with a 5K and Half-Marathon in the Grand Tetons and the 5K and Half-Marathon at West Yellowstone. The start & … MORE

This was the final race for the Grand Quad race with a 5K and Half-Marathon in the Grand Tetons and the 5K and Half-Marathon at West Yellowstone. The start & finish line was perfect as it was located in the same place with minimal logistics and easily accessible from our Madison Campground site. It was nice to have parking right there to easily get dropped off and picked up. I already had my bib from the Grand Tetons but we still did the expo so I could purchase a few items and look at the vendors. We drove around, with another racer and her husband, to find the Buffalo statues in town before the 5K which was fun. It was a great venue and town for both races. The 5K had very hot weather and the half-marathon Saturday morning was overcast and perfect. It started to drizzle right after I finished.

We had been exploring Yellowstone since Sunday after the Grand Tetons run to enjoy all the sights. The Yellowstone course was beautiful and challenging! Not as scenic as the Grand Tetons but I enjoyed being in the woods and run next to the river at times. I kept my eyes open for moose and bear but didn’t see any. The trail description was right on par and delivered the challenge promised! Some of the trail followed a crushed gravel trail while the rest was snowmobile/ATV trails. Additionally, they had a backhoe and other equipment cleanup and work on the trail. It made for a more challenging trail with all the ruts, mud, broken trees/branches and such. My knee acted up at mile 4 causing me to walk fast for a great portion of miles 5-7 with the hill and mud though it was a great break. My knee was ready to take on some running but then the rocks and tree branches resulted in a lot of ankle twisting steps that I had to face the fact I would not be under 3 hours finish time in order to not injure myself. I was disappointed but accepting it. The whole way I kept thinking it’s all good, I’m going to finish stronger and feel proud of my accomplishment and my time due to the challenging course and my knee. I had trained on some trails but not as rut and rock filled as this route. Definitely will be more prepared for future “trail” races.

While running, I focused on the experience and sense of success for my accomplishments. I received the email, when I had reception within the park (which was limited in many places) regarding the Grand Tetons Double Moose medals shortage. I felt grateful I received mine. I read that there was going to be another “200” short for the Double Bison and the Grizzly Double. I kept looking forward to celebrating my Grand Quad challenge completed and to get a medal since I knew I wasn’t going to be one of the last 200 runners. I pushed running and fast walking to finish and crossed the finish line, took a selfie and a runner let me know the double medals already were not available. I felt a bit deflated realizing my hard work would not be 100% celebrated at the end. I was grateful to get the Grand Quad medal but disappointed about the Double Bison and Grizzly Double. I texted a runner I had met during the Grand Tetons shuttle bus from the finish to the start. She got them and offered to let me take photos with them so I could get a post-race photo. It was such a nice offer! I met her at her accommodations and we took a few photos. I received an email early the next week to ensure they had my information correct from the finish line to send the medals. Their medals are amazing! The Yellowstone one had the 150th Anniversary banner which is special. The Quad and Double medals had spinners with the relevant runs for the Grand Tetons 5K and Half-Marathon (Double Moose), Yellowstone 5K and Half-Marathon (Double Bison), Grand Tetons and Yellowstone Half-Marathons (Grizzly Double) and Grand Quad both parks 5K and Half-Marathons displayed.

I was introduced to VR by a friend that recommended I sign-up for Mt. Rainier since we live within an hour away. I saw the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone medals and scenery photos from 2021 participants and wanted to experience the races! VR does a great job with their races from promoting, communications, organizing logistics and pre-race details, expo, announcements, during race aid stations, finish line logistics of meals handed to you in a National Park branded box full of snacks, chocolate milk and bananas, receiving your medals, vendors and race merchandise and the big National Park run series signs for photo ops. I’d highly recommend their races and look forward to doing more!

We were able to enjoy the park for one final day having driven around the entire park several times. I was also able to take some photos in the park with my medals and run into other racers and congratulate them. I met the friendliest people on these races and enjoyed the experience! Wearing your medals and/or shorts post-race really connects you in such a big park. We drove up to LaMar Valley and headed back to camp with winds up to 40 mph and pouring rain producing rivers of water in the ditches and loosening rocks on Dunraven Pass. We camped one last night in Madison Campground before we packed up Sunday morning and explored West Yellowstone again before heading home. We drove all the way home mostly in torrential rain all the way but grateful once we got home. We were especially grateful that we made it out of the park right before the flooding and closure of the park. We hope everyone made it out and home safe!

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