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Our inaugural March Madness Lunacy tournament is in the books! The Final Four was an epic battle of closely matched contenders. In the end, consensus favorite Boston was left crying unicorn tears as the Flying Pig Marathon pulled off the upset, leading to a championship matchup with The Cowtown, which withstood a furious rally by the Hood to Coast Relay to advance to the final.

But when the dust settled, there could be only one champion. So we’re pleased to say CONGRATS to our winner and announce that America’s Rave Race for 2017 is the Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon! (Read the press release here).

Congrats also to our two (human) prize winners, one of whom earned the only perfect 32/32 score in Round One! We’ll post their names here along with our Sweet Sixteen winner soon.

Much love to everyone who voted in our inaugural tournament, we couldn’t have done this without you. Thanks for being part of the madness that is March Lunacy!

(With a few exceptions, the seedings above were based on the total number of 2016 finishers across all distances.)

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