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The Super Run is a national series of 5K running events that partners with non-profit organizations to put on superhero themed events to help raise funds and awareness for their cause. The Super Run is here to save your day! This run will take place at El Dorado East Regional … MORE
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    dtm3000 FIRST-TIMER '16

    Yikes. Wow. This was my 189th run since 2012....and I am going to be negative. Before I do I have to admit I had a good time and a good … MORE

    Yikes. Wow.
    This was my 189th run since 2012….and I am going to be negative.
    Before I do I have to admit I had a good time and a good run (I’ve been slow lately – that’s on me). It was my first time in El Dorado Park and it was nice. The volunteers were enthusiastic. The Theme was fun and it was great to see families dressed as superheroes and everyone look great in a cape. Pretty much Mission accomplished – it was what I set out to do this morning.
    First off. Pre-Race there was no e-mail with details. The facebook page and website had differing info on start times and very little detail. Important info was asked on the FB page that went unanswered. Someone asked if there was a charge for parking – where do we park?
    One of the pages noted it was the East side so I Googled those directions. It turned out to be $7 to get in and that was the exact amount of cash I had on me. El Dorodo Park is huge and I drove around it a while before figuring it out (no signage at all).
    To check in you approached a one person standing outside of a pop up who checked your registration (or collected cash… $45 a person day of race? Yikes!).
    After that you went to a table and they gave you a number that didn’t correlate to anything. They didn’t ask your name or for any proof you checked in (Don’t get any ideas, Bandits), They were out of pins (I have a couple hundred in my car but by this time it was too late).
    Instead of a tee-shirt you get a mid-waist cape. From some of the comments I saw you you picked a color when you registered but they pretty much handed you whatever color you wanted.
    It turns out this was not timed and the start line was not defined and the start was very casual. It became apparent this was strictly a fun run and not something to be taken seriously.
    So…taking it as such. It was nice to see families having fun together and the capes were fun. The course was flat but narrow so the folks who decided to stop running and start walking on the left side were a joy.
    Nowhere during the first 3 miles of the run did I see a single volunteer making sure you made the proper turn or that a car didn’t hit you (multi-use paths came up twice that I can think of) nor was there a single water station (good thing it wasn’t hot). Near the end many volunteers were there to cheer you on that last .10 mile (you couldn’t have used them earlier?)
    At the ill-defined end you got a medal and a banana and bottled water. Oh! and there was a food truck and a register to vote table.
    I’m seeing comments on their FB page that many got lost due to lack of direction and ended up going something like 5 miles. (I have to admit I followed everyone else and had no trouble. As set out the run was EXACTLY 3.1 miles per my GPS).
    Nowhere was any mention of the charity benefiting from this event. I had to refer back to my notes and it is the American Association for Cancer Research. That’s a very great and timely cause and I wish there was more representation. i am HOPING that a bulk of the money goes to the cause since it was apparently anywhere else.
    Also interesting to note is that although this is the first time The Super Run has been in this area it has been conducted at least 26 times in other cities and this year it will be run in another 12. Between the generic capes and medals this run must have had a very low overhead.
    Again, I had a good enough time – not the worst run (that will always and forever be 2014’s uber dangerous and frustrating Tacos and Beer 5k – also in Long Beach.)
    Speaking of Long Beach I hope no one confuses The Super Run – Long Beach with the Super Kids 5K and Fun Run which will be run nearby on February 6th. I enjoyed that last year.

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