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Future Races (32)

Race Distance Location Date Paid
50K Cool, CA Mar 6, 2021
Up to you! McCloud, CA TBD
50K Page, AZ TBD
30K Guerneville, CA TBD
Half Marathon Livermore, CA TBD
Marathon Big Sur, CA TBD
Marathon Big Sur, CA TBD
Half Marathon Bryce Canyon, UT TBD
Half Marathon Tahoe City, CA TBD
Half Marathon Death Valley, CA TBD
Marathon Death Valley, CA TBD
Half Marathon Bend, OR TBD
Half Marathon Joshua Tree, CA TBD
30K Soda Springs, CA TBD
10 Miler Glenbrook, NV TBD
30K Mt Shasta, CA TBD
25K Clayton, CA TBD
30K Stinson Beach, CA TBD
50K Calistoga, CA TBD
Marathon Big Bear, CA TBD
Marathon Azusa, CA TBD
Marathon Rome, Italy TBD
50K Pilot Hill, CA TBD
6 hr San Francisco, CA TBD
30K Santa Cruz, CA TBD
Half Marathon Santa Cruz, CA TBD
Marathon Sedona, AZ TBD
30K Truckee, CA TBD
25K Whiskeytown, CA TBD
Half Marathon Oakhurst, CA TBD
Half Marathon Virgin, UT TBD
Half Marathon Campbell, CA TBD

Past Races (60)

Race Distance Location Date Result My Raves My Performance
Marathon Weott, CA Oct 11, 2020
Marathon Westwood-Susanville, CA Oct 10, 2020
25K Sausalito, CA Mar 14, 2020
Half Marathon Livermore, CA Oct 12, 2019
35K Cool, CA Mar 23, 2019
30K San Francisco, CA Feb 9, 2019
25K Mill Valley, CA Feb 2, 2019
Half Marathon Saratoga, CA Dec 8, 2018
Half Marathon Walnut Creek, CA Nov 3, 2018
Half Marathon Vacaville, CA Oct 20, 2018
7 Miler South Lake Tahoe, CA Sep 16, 2018
6 hr San Pablo, CA Jul 7, 2018
Half Marathon Oakland, CA May 12, 2018
5K Castro Valley, CA Jan 1, 2018
Marathon Folsom, CA Dec 3, 2017
Marathon Los Gatos, CA Jun 4, 2017
30K Oakland, CA May 13, 2017
10.3 Miler Cool, CA May 6, 2017
Half Marathon El Sobrante, CA Mar 18, 2017
Half Marathon Castro Valley, CA Jul 23, 2016
Half Marathon Belvedere Tiburon, CA Jun 25, 2016
Half Marathon San Rafael, CA May 21, 2016
Marathon Oakland, CA Mar 20, 2016
Half Marathon Walnut Creek, CA Dec 12, 2015
Half Marathon San Jose, CA Sep 27, 2015
5K San Francisco, CA Sep 6, 2015
12K San Francisco, CA May 17, 2015
10K Brentwood, CA Apr 19, 2015
10K San Ramon, CA Oct 26, 2013
10K Antioch, CA Sep 21, 2013
10K Brentwood, CA 2013
Half Marathon Monterey, CA 2013
Half Marathon San Francisco, CA 2013
Half Marathon Oakland, CA 2013
10K San Jose, CA 2013
Half Marathon Half Moon Bay, CA 2013
10 Miler Clayton, CA 2013
1st Half Marathon San Francisco, CA 2013
6 Miler Santa Cruz, CA 2013
5K Castro Valley, CA 2013
10K Fremont, CA 2013
Half Marathon Fremont, CA 2012
5K Castro Valley, CA 2012
10K San Leandro, CA 2012
Half Marathon San Jose, CA 2012
12K San Francisco, CA 2012
10K San Pablo, CA 2012
Half Marathon Oakland, CA 2012
10 Miler San Francisco, CA 2012
5K Fremont, CA 2012
10K Fremont, CA 2012
2nd Half Marathon San Francisco, CA 2012
5K San Leandro, CA 2012
10K San Francisco, CA 2011
10K Fremont, CA 2011
Half Marathon Alameda, CA 2011
Half Marathon San Francisco, CA 2011
Half Marathon Redwood City, CA 2011
5K Castro Valley, CA 2011
Half Marathon Alameda, CA 2010

My Raves

Advertised as “One of America’s Most Scenic Trail Runs” this course did not disappoint. Stunning lake views, fabulously fun and shady single track, perfect running weather, and a finish line … MORE

Advertised as “One of America’s Most Scenic Trail Runs” this course did not disappoint. Stunning lake views, fabulously fun and shady single track, perfect running weather, and a finish line on the beach – literally just steps from Lake Tahoe, made for an unforgettable event. The ascents were very manageable, even for my under-trained sea level lungs. I power hiked the steeper hills, as did most of the middle of the pack runners around me, but had I been in better shape I would have considered the course mostly runnable. The trail was somewhat technical; it was fairly rocky in some places and included granite steps in others. There were a few muddy places and a small stream crossing or two. There were also a few short paved sections through campgrounds.

The race began at Eagle Point Campground, which was almost a mile from the drop-off point on Highway 89. Parking for runners planning to use the shuttle was a bit closer. I didn’t account for this and arrived later than I should have. Thankfully, packet pick-up was quick and easy despite a sold-out race of 350 runners. The line for the bathrooms, on the other hand, was one of the worst I’ve seen. Many people were ditching the line to use the bushes and still the race started about 15 minutes late on account of the limited facilities.

The race began in self-seeded waves, which worked well and helped to limit the congestion on the single-track to the first mile or so. It was about 35 degrees when I arrived, but it warmed quickly and by the time I started running I was thankful I had left my long sleeve and gloves in sweat check and opted for a tank top and knickers. The course was well-marked and there were always other runners in sight. Two aide stations staffed by friendly and encouraging volunteers provided water and Gatorade on the course. The only downside of the course was a swarm of wasps who stung dozens of us shortly before mile 5. My 4-year old was also stung at the finish line. The very helpful and friendly medic said this was not common, but if you’re allergic it’s probably wise to be aware that wasps are very active in Tahoe in late summer/early fall and prepare accordingly. I also noticed more runners falling on this course than usual. I suspect this is due at least in part to the fact that it is hard not to look at the views!

Post-race food was a bit lighter in variety (potato chips, watermelon, bananas) than many trail races I’ve run – more like a road race, but there was plenty for everyone. You also had your choice between a cold Lagunitas or a soda. Swag included a fairly basic cotton/poly tee and a free photo (no medal). Age group awards were engraved pint glasses, which I thought was a fabulous idea. The race also included a free shuttle back to the start. I opted to be dropped off and picked up because I didn’t want to leave my family without a car while I ran. Pre-race communication indicated parking was very limited at the Lester Beach finish, and additional parking was 1 mile away. However, the additional parking filled quickly and some people were turned away at the entrance to D.L. Bliss Park. In my opinion these minor logistical issues are well worth the access to such a gorgeous point-to-point course, but I would probably stick with the shuttle in the future. Overall, I would give this event 4.5 stars, but I’m rounding up based on the exceptional course. This was a great trail race for someone like me who wants to experiment with running at moderate elevation for the first time. It’s definitely an event I would participate in again despite my general preference for longer races.


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Stunning scenery, friendly people, good food, and cold beer - what more can a girl ask for?! This course alternates between quiet forests of magnificent, towering redwoods and sun-dappled oak … MORE

Stunning scenery, friendly people, good food, and cold beer – what more can a girl ask for?! This course alternates between quiet forests of magnificent, towering redwoods and sun-dappled oak woodlands filled with bird song. The short sections of exposed chaparral last only long enough to reinforce one’s appreciation of the deep, cool forest shade. The trail itself is a mix of single and double track, sometimes covered in a wonderfully soft layer of redwood needles, sometimes rocky, sometimes comprised entirely of sandstone slab, but almost always filled with enough obstacles to keep you on your toes. (Or, as in my case, rolling head over heels in my first trail fall.) The hills were challenging, but not inhumane. There were substantial stretches of fairly flat single track punctuated by steep ascents that most of us in the mid-pack opted to hike. Initially, I was not excited that the 30k route required passing through the finish area and doubling back along a portion of the half marathon course; however, this route was so fantastic that when I reached the finish area I actually looked forward to heading back out.

This event was very organized as well. I arrived 30 minutes prior to the start at which point it appeared the parking lot was full, but there was still plenty of adjacent street parking. Packet pick-up was a breeze and included a cute shirt that I will actually wear. Bathroom facilities were sufficient, though hand-washing stations would have been appreciated. The route was very well-marked and there were plenty of well-stocked and well-staffed aide stations. Soda, candy, sandwiches, and potatoes were offered alongside the standard fare of electrolyte drinks and gels. The volunteers were exceptionally enthusiastic and encouraging.

This was a relatively small trail race of less than 300 runners, and the majority of people chose the shorter distances. So as expected, there was really no crowd support and the 30k finish was rather quiet; however, there were still plenty of cheers from volunteers and fellow runners alike and most importantly – plenty of goodies left at the finish. The last time I ran with Coastal there were no finisher’s medals and I don’t recall anything more than fruit at the finish line. I was pleasantly surprised that this race included a great medal as well as a good selection of post-race food and drink. I greatly enjoyed the sausage hot off the BBQ and fresh, juicy watermelon. There were coolers stocked with plenty of cold soda and beer. I lingered at the finish line for more than an hour and left knowing I would surely be back to run this race again.


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Overall, this was a fun and relatively easy trail race through open grassland sprinkled with wildflowers and small sections of riparian forest. I ran the longer of the two courses … MORE

Overall, this was a fun and relatively easy trail race through open grassland sprinkled with wildflowers and small sections of riparian forest. I ran the longer of the two courses (10.3 miles), which was a mix of fire road, double track, single track, and short sections of pavement. Most of the hills were rolling and quite runnable. There were only a few somewhat technical, rocky sections of trail. There were also a couple of shallow stream crossings, which could be rock-hopped with minimal skill, and some unavoidable mud in the last mile or two; however, the course was not as wet or dirty as I anticipated after a season of record rain.

A local friend was able to pick up my packet for this event with a copy of my ID, which was much appreciated since I do not live locally. Packet pick-up was reportedly quick and easy. They also offered race morning pick-up.

The color, design, and material of the shirts were superb – one of my all time favorites. I arrived about half an hour prior to the start of the race and found only short lines for parking and port-a-potties despite a sold out field. Kudos to the organizers for making sure there were plenty of both. I carry my own hydration and fuel, but I noticed there were well-staffed aide stations every few miles. There was good energy crossing the finish line, and plenty of bottled water there as well. It may be worth noting that finishing medals were not included at this event. I don’t personally mind; however, it did occur to me that the race name and logo could have made for a particularly cool medal.

Post-race food consisted of pancakes and strawberries, but I cannot attest to the deliciousness of this because the line was 50-60 people deep and I decided I was too hungry/inpatient to wait. I’m a middle of the pack runner, so I suspect I arrived during peak pancake demand, still it would have been nice if the pancake table were better staffed. The only other minor downside of this race was that there were bottlenecks along the last couple miles of single track. I generally like to push my pace at the end of a race, so this was a bit frustrating and rather unusual for the end of a trail race in my experience, but nothing that would keep me from recommending this race to others. In fact, I think this would be an excellent first-time trail race.

I would definitely run another race hosted by Fleet Feet Sacramento in the future. In addition to the highlights mentioned above, the race photos were free and the proceeds for the race go towards funding an after school running program for youth at no charge to them.


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