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I heard a lot of good things about this race. It was a double out and back for the marathon along paved roads line with 300 foot old growth redwoods. … MORE

I heard a lot of good things about this race. It was a double out and back for the marathon along paved roads line with 300 foot old growth redwoods. It has a seven hour time limit and plenty of aid stations. Sounded perfect for a weekend getaway five hours from home. I could not have been more disappointed. Now, the scenery was beautiful. The trees kept the course shaded and cool from the late morning run.
The course had plenty of aid stations. Aid stations were at mile 2, 4, 6, 7, 9, 11, 14, 16.5, 17.5, 19, 22, 24, and 25.5. Most stations had fruit, Gatorade, water, and gel.
Since it’s a double out and back, runners had to reach the 13.1 mile point by 3.5 hours or you would be directed to finish as a half marathoner. Well, myself and another lady reached the 13.1 mile mark around 2:50:00 and the course monitors were trying to get us to head in as a half finisher knowing that we were marathon runners.The half marathoners were coming from the other direction. I continued on with my run and reached the 15 mile area or so and there were photographers taking pictures of the marathoners and halfers coming from the other direction. i figured, “Hey, they’ll be out there when I come back through that way.” Boy, was a wrong. They had completely packed up and left. I ended up with no on-course photos. I have two from prerace. I was very disappointed.
Throughout this race, I do have to say that on-course volunteers were great. They were cheerful and friendly. They were more than happy to fill my handheld water bottle.
I want to remind the reader here that this race has a time limit of seven (7) hours and i finished in 6:03:00. As I approached the final aid station at mile 25.5, all that was there was an empty water pitcher. They had packed up and left. No water. No Gatorade. Yes, there were ample aid stations on course, but don’t list this AS if it’s not going to be attended for runners that are well within the time limit. I was an hour within. The temperature had risen to about 80′. This part of the course was exposed and water at this point would have been nice.
When I finished the race, I received a nice medal and two bottles of warm water. There was no food left. :o(
Later that afternoon when I was checking results, I noticed that there were no finish times listed after 5:27:00. I emailed the race director about the times and she said “that is wasn’t her problem and that i needed to contact the timing company and give them Hell”. What? Really? Not her problem? She’s the race director. I emailed her back with the same “What?”. So, I emailed the timing company which is Enmotive. They were more than helpful. He told me that he was not aware of the issue and would look into it and get it taken care of. i told him there were at least 50 runners that had no times. A few hours later, I received an email stating that they had fixed the problem and that I now had an official finish time. This is what the race director should have done.
My final thoughts on this race are:
—If you run the 10k, half, or are a sub 5:15 hour marathoner, sign up for this race. You’ll get treated nicely. The aid stations will be stocked for you and will not be abandoned.
—The race should not be listed as a 7-hour time limit, if the aid stations are shut down at 6 hours and a six hour finish yields a runner with no post race refreshment.
— Before I ran the marathon, I was going to return the next year and run the half. i will not ever run this race again. You do not treat runners like this. Tighten up the time limit if you are going to run out of food and have AS shutdown.


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